Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Moira full; Lajv catastrophy

I haven't larped for quite some time and I'm really not satisfied with my own achievements on the ones I so far have gone to. I had really thought I would be going to Moira, but now it's full! My bad not sending in my registration I guess, but I didn't think it would be that popular. I'm writing it now, there might be a small chance, even if they say they have quite a lot of backup players already.

Obviously there will be quite an amount of non-Swedish speaking people, which will be playing in their native language. It would be interesting to hear which nationalities will be present. The Nordic LARP-environment is quite used to play with eachother. My only experience is playing with Danes at U-359. The problem there was of course that we were supposed to speak the same language (Russian!) and at least for me it was ofte a bit too hard to understand what they were saying. Especially in the motor room, surrounded by the huge sound of the engines. As long as you speak different languages in-game it's a quite different story.

Now I will write them an application anyway.


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