Saturday, April 23, 2005

In i Evigheten

Last Saturday I went to my first lajv in almost a year. In i evigheten (Into Eternity) was organized by Fabel and took place in a castle-like place in Göteborg. Contrary to most lajv and roleplay creators Fabel is a company and at least has profit as a goal. If there really is any profit in their arrangements so far I don't know, I'm definitely a bit sceptic. But I really think this is the way to go. Not the only way, but one way that is needed as a compliment if we want the lajv scene to continue moving.

I arrived in Göteborg around noon together with Linnéa and Jonas. Before going to our hostel we roamed for a short while. We made a visit to sf-bokhandeln, (the Science Fiction Bookstore) were we got really stuck in a rpg discussion with this woman who is working there. I have yet to hear her name, but we talked to a her a couple of times at GothCon too, mostly for the reason that me and Jonas thought it was highly immoral that they they closed their shop so early at the convention. Long discussions about WoD is always an important ingredience in a well groomed life, even if you are not really much into it, like me. I kind of got the impression that this wasn't as obvious to Linnéa as to me and Jonas. In additon to very important comparisons (no irony) between old and new WoD I got tricked into buying Zonernas zoologi. A very nice Mutant book indeed. And I got it cheap. Linnéa bought Västmark. After this we went to a clothes shop called Shock. A lot of leather and hard rock aesthetics. Things I cannot understand. I will never go back.

After a hostel visit and some powernapping we walked to the meeting place. I was quite surprised that I recognized as many people as I did from earlier games. We got our roles quickly (especially us, since we were a bit late) and started to talk with the ones we were supposed to know before the start of the game. Soon we entered a bus and were given seats according to our characters.

The basic story behind In i evigheten is that serial killer has done four killings in Göteborg. In a quite unusaul study in witness pshychology at Göterborg University four psychologists gather around 40 persons that have been witnesses to one of the murders or at least have been in the the vicinity. These are the players, who are driven out by bus to the coastline. I won't say much more about game details, since Fabel plan to run this game again.

First I must say that the practical arrangements surrounding the game were terrific. Most things ran very smoothly, with only a few very small hickups. I think the content of the game surprised many of the players. While the homepage indicated a detetective/mystery sort of game, it developed more into a confessional drama with a lot of catharsis.

I really enjoyed the game and after the game my head has been full of ideas about roleplaying and lajv, as it should be after a good event. Maybe the best of all is that Fabel claim that they will try to produce two events like this per year. Since the amount of non-fantasy lajv is quite low this would be a very good addition to the Swedish scene. Many of the ones that already exist may also seem a bit pretentious (even if this might not be the case) and scare new players away. Fabel use the term 'plug-and-play' about their productions, with which they mean that they don't need extensive preparation from the players. This is not possible for all game concepts, of course. But when simplicity is possible; it's always the best option.

Later I will probably write snappier text with some organized notes about what was good and what they should think about when doing new productions. Now I just need sleep.


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