Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I did som time wasting friform-websurfing. And I really got knocked out by one thing, a scenario by the group Vi Åker Jeep (We go by Jeep). Inga spår efter Alex (No trace for Alex) can be found here. I haven't read all of it, mostly parts of the text to the game masters [sic.]. I would really like to play or game master it, but requiring eight players and two game masters it's a bit heavy to get going. The textbase is also quite huge.

I won't say too much more about it here, but it includes a lot of really neat techniques and possibilities, of which the most confusing arguably is to give the GM:s meta-roles. They play different GM-characters, outside of the fiction, but it's intertwined in the game. Very confusing and beautiful. The game itself has a lot of emphasis towards player control, through techniques that to me seems to be more The Forge than Swedish Friform.

Vi Åker Jeep write more about techniques they use here. These are all picked from their game The Upgrade. Greg Costikyan (of Paranoia fame) actually writes about playing the scenario.

(BTW I must add that I really like Paranoia XP. It's the only traditional rpg:s I have seen that really works as game. I have had huge amount of fun with traditional rpg:s. But fact is that they are usuallly just a bunch of background and some isolated pieces of system. Paranoia gave me a very intense play and the mechanics really worked in it's aim to give good character play. But maybe this was only due to the GM?)


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