Friday, May 06, 2005

We are only a few, and we are fighting

One of the more bizarre ingredients in my life the last year is the role playing theory fights. We have had a great schism in our small role playing group here in linköping. In the end I think it all will end in everyone having more insight than before.

Gathered on one side in this debate (most of the times) are me and Jonas. I guess our place in the debate has been defending friform (this is not even what we play mostly; but it's not always easy to choose side in a debate). Another Jonas have had a lot of new views, of which many have emanated from The Forge and allies. I will call him Jonas K for clarity (which is a bit silly, since I have known him much longer than the former Jonas; but what can a man do?).

A few more people have been caught in the middle of these debates. At the moment I must say I feel we have a quite good mutual understanding and a I really feel like this has helped me to get a much better understanding of the medium.

The point, though

But really, the point is really creating games. Jonas K has been quite efficient in this so far this year. I think you can find all of his games here, several of them (three I think) are from the annual dogmautmaningen (dogma challange) at the forums at I haven't played even one of these games yet, but I hope to. Especially since most of them are designed in ways that are very unfamiliar to me.

The most productive in our gaming community is Tobias. His magnus opus (so far) is Millennium. He has also had quite some success in dogmautmaningen, and this year he was the total victor with quite some margin. I'm not sure at the moment where to find these games, but I will link them later. I have made a character in Millennium once, but never actually played it. (Edit: Tobias dogmagames are actually very easily found to the right at his Millennium page.)


Anonymous jonas said...

Nice of you to mention my games, I'm flattered. They can be found at:

If you want to find Tobias' dogma games they can be found to the right of the Millennium page under the heading "DOGMAROLLSPEL".

And yeah, I think our theory discussions are useful, only a bit painful at times when we have to agree to disagree. It's surprising that we can play anything at all with so varied views of what we want out of roleplaying.

Oh, and if you want to try my games I recommend Skådespelet and "And Then There Were None", if you want games that are fun and work and "Far Apart" if you want to enter uncharted and untested territory.

1:35 am  
Blogger Sven Holmström said...

I fixed the link to your games before I read your comment actually. I just missed the link the first time. Almost every time I post I change the first version at least one time.

His dogma game are there. Not very hidden at all. Bad of me.

"Far Apart" if you want to enter uncharted and untested territory.

Trilu a strange game. Like I have said before I would like to try it out. If I would like it I don't know. Sjådespelet seems really good.

1:52 am  

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