Saturday, May 28, 2005

PTA international

At the moment I'm reading (or rather listening to, but that's a terminology we are still not used to, I think) Naomi Kleins No Logo. I haven't reached very far yet, but it seems well written, interesting and a pleasure to read. There is one thing, though. I listen to what she says, all the facts she has collected and I go: "That's great! I didn't thought the world was that good already", while she seems to come to the opposite conclusions all the time.

We all know about the big brands gettings spread over the world. But what about the small, the almost infinitesimal ones? Matt Wilson posted a map of the global spread of the sales of his game Prime Time Adventures in the time span October 6 to March 3.1. PTA is well known in the indie-community, but it's still a very small product. In that period of time he shipped 229 copies. Mostly Europe and North America, of course, but still a very good international spread I think. Beauty, right? (As a counterweight to Klein I should give you a link to the place were Swedish globalization messiah Johan Norberg blogs.)

I should mention I got these links originally from Jonas K. He is kind of a fan of PTA. I read a description of a story he and others from our gaming community started, it really seemed like a blast. I would like to try it out sometime.


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