Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A weekend in Stockholm

Writing this I'm at Arlanda Airport soon to board a flight through Amsterdam and from there to Istanbul. A good time to write a few notes about last weekend.

My main reason for going to Stockholm was the seminar for upcoming larp Moira. Sweden has a tradition of larps with huge preparations. When the main focus is not on clothing and material, as in fantasy larp, there are drama exercises and seminars.

Moira isn't in anyway standard in setting and aim, and a lot of preparation of minds is necessary. During this day I finally grasped quite much of the setting and the general style of play which the two leading artists, Karin and Anna is trying to make us join. But there are still great gaps in my understanding of my own character. The story and concept of my main character and his sister is really great, but there is really work to be done on how to play him. He is acting as a kid, for a non-actor like me that's a quite complicated trick to do.

On Saturday night I choose not join the larp crowd to their pubbing. Instead me and Henke - an old friend at whose place I stayed - went to a party filled with people I have partied with in Stockholm many times.

With quite an hangover I woke up on Sunday to meet Tobias Wrigstad and he took me to the meeting for Knutpunkt (the annual Nordic art-larp meeting). Too few people showed up on the meeting and the organization is still lacking people. But they have backup plans and they will make it work, of course. The question is as always, through how much tears?

After that meeting I hurried back to the locale in Sundbyberg that we used the day before. There Anna-Karin Linder held some drama exercises for the crowd that I will be with in the larp. Quite fun and good, but I really have to talk more with Anna-Karin about our characters (we will be siblings, in a way).

Now I have a flight to catch.


Anonymous Henke said...

Händerna på täcket. Det är det viktigaste.

10:17 pm  
Anonymous Olle said...

Um, is the reference to adult 60s film "Veckända i Stockholm" on purpose?

Funny, anyway.

9:56 am  
Blogger Sven Holmström said...

I would have been really proud, had I used such a reference. But sadly I must admit I didn't know about the movie.

Imdb has it at http://imdb.com/title/tt0075381/
"Dom erotiska äventyren i Stockholm överträffade hennes högt stående förväntningar!"

Very funny. I'm much better at literary Swedish porn from the sixties, since i once started to write a thesis at Swedish C-level (like bachelor?) in comparative literaure about "Svensk pornografisk roman 1966-71 (The Swedish pornographic novel 1966-71). I never finished that one and now I'm aiming for engineer. (But I still have the books.)

BTW, I will write you a letter later today.

12:37 pm  

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