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Now I sit at my parents house in the middle of the forest in Småland and try too act like the son they think I am. But inside huge chunks of another person is still floating around, colliding with my own self. They will go away soon, I know that – since I am quite sane actually – but right now my mind is definitely divided.

In this post I won’t say too much about details of Mellanrummet, since there will be a second installment in two weeks. After that I will post a comment with more info about Mellanrummet itself and the as well as our groups characters.


I had a real nice time. I would say Mellanrummet is to the regular lajv as chamber music is to concerts; closer and more intimate. That is, it very much the kind of play the homepage claimed to offer and that I had thought and hoped it would be.

The whole game was about the meeting of foreigners, as far as I’m concerned. Many of the characters were very fully developed and if you didn’t get full response at a certain place it was very, at least for me as it happened, to quickly find interesting play against someone else. Often in lajvs I fall out of activity and then loose both interest and immersion until I succeed to find a focus for play.

The bigger the better

Not at all, really, but was it up to me, the time of play could have been a bit longer. I think we went on for less than five hours and I think the characters had substance for a while longer. As well the experience might have gained a bit on a little more players. But I know that this was because a lack of players and players leaving the project soon befor
e play.

A very good part of the whole process was the creation of our group. We were four (Anna, Linnéa and Jonas) players that prepared together. We did this work at a private forum we share with a little more than ten other persons, were we created a quite large body of texts about the characters. We also did a couple of small prelajvs. This is a very good thing to do, not only because you get to practice your role, but because it let you have distinct common memories to refer to in game. This process was a lot of fun and the best part: it really payed off during play! The play in the group was very enjoyable.

I see now that Jonas already has made
a post. Read.

Thank you very much, NCID and all the players!
Vi ses på nästa lajv.


Anonymous Jessica Rickardsson said...

Would have loved to comment on the persons playing the same parts as you did in the second version but they were very quiet and in the background all the time. I don´t think anyone got a hold of who they were. The only interesting thing was their rather lame reaction to the confession their "killer" made about how they died even though it was uppsetting for everyone else to hear and obvious I don´t think they actually understood what he was saying.

1:24 pm  
Blogger Sven Holmström said...

It sound like we were more active. The strange thing was that none of us really felt guilt. My Johannes had never done any crime. He was in a way felling guilt for leaving the woman he loved, (both to her and himself) but was also convinced that this was the right thing to do.

On the other hand they all had a quite different, but strict moral view: might is right, but never bother someone who haven't asked for you meddling: It's correct to kill a guest who is rude to you, but morally wrong to start talking to a person on the street.

Jasmine seemed to be in the same extreme misery in both games. The one we could see was really a wreck. It was quite terrifying.

4:17 pm  
Blogger Jonas Karlsson said...

This is continued from Systrarna Cederschiöld, since we've strayed a bit.

Sven said: "When you had been given a character you liked, *then* you paid. I think this is a quite common practice."

Nice. Yeah that would work, since you don't have to spend either time or money before you commit to anything in that case. They actually do write on the homepage that you won't get the full character description before you pay them, but from a character concept you should be able to know if it feels interesting or not. Was it a big difference between the concept and the full description?

Did you find the character you rejected during play and did you know things you shouldn't?

10:34 am  
Blogger Sven Holmström said...

"Was it a big difference between the concept and the full description?"

For the characters that we finally used the final character and the 'character concept' were identical except some very small details. With most other character (people have told me) the differences were much larger.

I will explain in detail. In the characters we used we got very little information about the characters themselves, only a couple of snetences about the person, a little more about the group and the a couple of pages and several links of information about LaVey satanism.

The first character I got, that I discarded, was maybe half a page about a person. This would be expanded if I choose. Several other people in the game had characters with two or three pages with quite detailed information about the characters.

As you understand these players couldn't work as freely with their characters as could we.

I don't think the character I discarded was played at the larp. I didn't see him anyway.

12:08 pm  

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