Monday, August 01, 2005

Scraps, pictures

Helena made a very nice page of photos from the lajv that told about in the last post. She is talented with that stuff.

Yesterday I was over at Jonas Barkås apartment and played a game of Illuminati. I never write about boardgames and such here, since it would feel like writing about what food I eat everyday (mostly pasta and salmon these days, by the way). But since I won, I will at least link to Jonas' post including a quite nice picture of us in silly hats. Jonas and me agreed that he really looks like one would imagine Abdul Al-Hazred to look like.

One of the more sympathetic pages about role playing is Places to go, People to be. I have read it to and fro for a couple of years. They are quite far from my main interest in role playing, but since they simply are good this doesn't matter too much. The amount of people who read my text, but haven't read their are probably very few, if you are one of those; check them out. And the name is great. I will start to believe in reincarnation just to be able to steal it my next life. (Because in that life I wouldn't be involved in rpg:s at all and thus noone would suspect me.) It's that great.


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