Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The most talked about Swedish larp of this year, Kejsartemplet (The emperor Temple) has ended. And with a tremendous success as it seems. Frenzing players at G-punkt talk about that the impossible has been done and some people are convinced that they will never again see a larp as good. Surely some bad critique will surface, but it seems to be safe to say that the larp was an unusual success.

I wasn't there - and I didn't even consider it since joining a traditional fantasy larp would force me to do a lot of work that I'm not really into - and can't say too much about what was going on. As far as I know it was a bit unusual in that they let humour be part of the world building and the scenario. As subtitle they used the quite remarkable statement Everyone can be a priest ("Vem som helst kan bli präst"). This describes the main story arc; a new religion is to be constructed in the country. There will be a competition for the creation of a new religion with new rituals. (Could that easily be done in the US in a larp with four hundred players? According to what I have heard about American larps and religion, no.)

There are pictures. Mikael Enmalm contributed with these (1, 2, 3, 4) links and said (on G-punkt) that there will be more.

BTW. I have several texts to write for this blog. Sometime this week anyway there will be a few that should have been written a while ago.

It should be mentioned that Kejsartemplet mainly was a village-larp, with the ambition to create a real city. The plan was to have 130 buildings and I understand the reached well over 100 (obviously a few were forgotten). All player reactions that I have seen so far witness of a feeling of beeing overwhelmed by the lifelike feeling of the city.


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