Friday, September 02, 2005

Things to read

I have been away from this blog for a while, but I hope to start regular writing again from now on. As you can see below I have been trying to change the appearence of the blog. Mainly I thought a three column design with a floating middle part would be nice. But I just haven't been able to make it work.

Several of the versions of code I've tried have worked...almost. Everything has been looking fine, except for a severe mutilation in the first post. Some versions has worked very nicely locally, but been very skewed when putting them into Blogger. The conclusion is that I don't posses the CSS skill to create this for the Blogger envrionment. For now I have given up that.

Now it all looks like it did before and I'm back att producing text.

Playing with mother in law

Other people have been writing, though. Over at Yudhishthira's Dice Bradley "Brand" Robins gives it up on playing HeroQuest with his Mother in law in yet two posts. We are eagerily awaiting the finishing one. There are some good advice in there. Most of all it shows that non-gamers often are better role players than ourselves. It might be sad to hear. But that's how it is.

Ars Amandi

Jonas at writes about Ars Armandi experimentation. It's a method for simulation of sex in larps. Just so you don't think anything else: it's actually used, albeit seldom, here and quite well known. Also read the comments over at anyway.


The Swedish freeform group Vi åker jeep (We go by Jeep) has revised their text about their form of role play. I really enjoy their text at and I would definitely recommend anyone interested in rpg to take a look at it.

Swedish larps

What was supposed to be the biggest larp of this year will most likely be the biggest of next year. Dragonbane has been moved from 2005 Estonia to 2006 Sweden. The houses are being built as I write this. Interacting Arts has a few pictures of the houses to be, although these pictures should be quite old by now.

I was supposed to go to Moira, but my inability to live my life as efficiently as I should forced me to give my role to my friend Fredrik von Post less than two weeks before the event itself. It felt really terrible to do this and I will really try to avoid that to happen again. There are pictures available. It seems like people really enjoyed the larp. By the way, the Ars Amandi method was used there.


Anonymous Tobias Wrigstad said...

Sven, turn of justify margins in the CSS. It makes the page hard to read and the word spacing (at best) irregular.

Sorry for being anal about this,


5:45 pm  
Anonymous Tobias Wrigstad said...

Oh, and glad you liked

5:46 pm  
Blogger Sven Holmström said...

I have to ask more people about 'justify' before I change back. I have it like this because it pleases *my* eye, but since most people have it the other way I guess that might be what most people like.

Being easy to read is really everything in a blog, so I might change. I will probably change the colour scheme to black/white, since other people have been complaing about the blue background.

5:51 pm  
Blogger Jonas Barkå said...

I see nothing wrong on the blue background. It is not quite as easy to read as black text on white background, but not that problematic. Who has been complaining?

I do not know about justified margins, but isn't it the standard way fo formatting the text?

6:45 pm  
Anonymous Tobias Wrigstad said...

I don't mind white on blue either, but I do mind the straight right margin.

I'm gonna go completely anal now, because I like issues like this (which does not make me right).

When the text width is as narrow as it is here, and only one column of text, typographic conventions say that "ragged right" is the way to go. It helps the eye distinguish between the lines.

When you typeset newspapers, you have fancy tools for making sure that word-spacing, letter-spacing etc. work together to create a pleasing result. In this setting, we have non of those tools. Different browsers render differently, and sometimes, when there are many long words on a single line, the word-spacing goes crazy and butt ugly.

In HTML setting, I'm generally inclined to go with justified left margin, because it makes word-spacing constant and things easier to read.

But, Sven, do it however you like. It is not very hard to read. I do think that the separate page where I comment this is easier to read, though. With its ragged right margin and dark text on light background.


8:38 pm  

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