Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Beloved Jakob

I have a small game for you. Beloved Jakob is what I call a conversational game. It's for two players and no GM. The game consists of three pdf files. Both players read the short introduction file. Then the players divide the two player files between them, read their character file and engage in a conversation. This conversation is the game.

Beloved Jakob is a very small game about goodhearted people, about the banality of happiness and what there is to be found in the space between them. It is also about Jakob, the beloved.

I wrote it in my Turkish exile, to be played over phone, but it can as well be played by two players in a room. The game is short and should normally be finished in less than one hour. It should also be noted that not only does the game treat adult subject matters, the issues of the characters are quite heavy even for the strong of mind. Do not read or play if you are sensitive or really don't understand why roleplaying should be about anything else than fun action.

Beloved Jakob exists in English as well as in Swedish. The pdfs which constitute the two versions can be found from the following links:

Beloved Jakob: Introduction, player text one (Mia), player text two (Lars).

Älskade Jakob: Introduktion, spelartext ett (Mia), spelartext två (Lars).

People I want to thank

Even for a very small game like this there are people to send thanks to. Having friends make things easier in general and much easier when they help you. So thanks Anna Hansson for playtest and feedback, thanks to Jonas Ferry for proofreading both the Swedish and English version and for a lot of proposed changes (of which I agreed with almost all) and Kristoffer Sjöö for proofreading the Swedish version.


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