Thursday, May 25, 2006

Meanwhile in the Nordic scen

Well, Im in Turkey, but occassionally looking at what's happening at home. I can complain for hours that we have to few larps in Sweden. But I'm stupid. There could be more really interesting stuff, sure. But there are good stuff and my only problem is that I'm not there to take part of it.

Two things struck me recently. First we have the enormous project Dragonbane. A friend of mine just told me that directly after finishing his mater thesis he will go to Finland to help building the dragon during most of the summer. Please follow that link, if you haven't seen it. (The game will be in Sweden, but the dragon is built in Finland.)

Secondly, the book from the recent Knutpunkt gathering (annual nordic larp meeting) in Sweden.

Neither of these things are exactly my cup of tea, but they are still amazing things that happens in my hobby and I realized that I'm excited about it. I will definitely read most of the book. Some of it is definitely interesting stuff. But for me the most interesting that is happening in the Swedish larp-scene is actually Fabel. I have written about them earlier. At the moment I'm pissed that I can't join my friends on their game Vändpunkter.

On the other hand, tomorrow I will walk with the people I work with along the coast of the black sea for several hours and then eat and drink some rakı. I have lived like a kilometer from the Black Sea for several months and I have yet to go there. But tomorrow it is! Fuck roleplaying.


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